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SOMNR-LX200A tornado aroma diffuser

Tornado is the highlights of this aroma diffuser, there mist will come out as a mini tornado.

1. The material is PC(the surface)

2. The water tanker is about 200ml capacity. Mist output is 20ml per hour, which can make sure you can enjoy the aromatherapy the whole night.

3. it has 7 colors, you can change the led light you want, your mood decides it.

4. Using with USB cable, you can use it in your office beside the computer.



Size: Ф151x172mm         Adapeter: AC100-240V;DC24V/500mA

Capacity: 200ml             Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4MHz

Mist output: 30ml/H      Noise value: <30dB

Product weight: 490g     Package size: 153x153x232mm

Number of containers:   20"=4200pcs;  40"=8700pcs;  40HQ=10200pcs

Order process:

1, send us your inquires, our Sales staff with 10 years experience will replay within 2 hours.

2, send us your logo and Color box file, then we will make a sample in 5 working days.

3, All the details are confirmed, We started production.


You can also place an ODM order,

1, tell us the ideal about the product, You can give us the draft and we can draw pictures for you.

2, After determining the appearance, we arranged the structural design.

3, We can arrange circuit board function design at the same time

4,10 wording days, the 3D sample will come out

5, all details about the products confirmed, we start mold opening.

6, then production

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