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SOMNR-51 real wood aroma diffuser

It is made of real wood(Rubber wood),  Waterproof technology used in the wood. You can put it in your bedroom, as the water level is low, It's hard to hear the water sound. The pattern of rubber wood is very beautiful.


Power input:AC 100-240V 50/64
Power output:DC24V 500MA      
Water capacity:  100ML
Unit N.W.:  430
Unit G.W.:  695
Product size:  145*145*65
Material:  ABS+PP+real wood

Auto-off:   when waterless               

Light:  7 colors LED light                    

 (1.Seven Color Cycle Changes,2.Fixed current color,                        

Mist: 1. continue  2.intermittence (work15s and stop15s)

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