This ultrasonic aroma diffuser is made by real wood and blown glasses.The production cycle is about 45 working days.MOQ of OEM order is 1000pcs.

  This project involves much difficult in waterproof.Our company solved the waterproof.Right now there are no complains of the waterproof.

  The unique appearance of this wood aroma diffuser highlighted its own function.If you want to raise your brand up,it is the choice.




Ultrasonic aroma diffuser with real wood and blown glasses

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Model somnr-rw011
    Type ultrasonic aroma diffuser
    Material wood,glass,ABS
    Capacity 200ml
    Mist 30-40ml/hour
    Product size 175*175*245mm
    Power output DC24V 450MA



  • By T/T 30%

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