Functions/ Features:

1. Use of microblower technology, produce negative ion sterilization and dust removal to improve air quality; change traditional Aromatherapy essential oil by burning or heating the essential oil, does not destroy the original structure of the oil molecules.

2. Gorgeous background light. Color changing LED lightsbring light in the darkness.

3. Waterless and use with essential oil directly, lasting longer: after stopping the atomization, the aroma is still sustainable for several hours.

4. Ultra quiet design, suitable for use in the bedroom.

5. Safe and environmental protection. no heat no oxygen, no environmental pollution. 

Somnr wood glass nebulizer diffuser

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Name: SOMNR- RW010
    model: SOMNR- RW010
    Product size: 95190mm
    Color box size: 280180100mm
    Supply power: 110V- AC 240V; DC 5V-1A
    Carton size: QYT/ Container: 20
    Material: Solid wood + glass
    G.W/UNIT: 720g
    Accessories: adapter, User Manual
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