Functions/ Features:

1. Use of advanced ultrasound technology, produce negative ion sterilization and dust removal to improve air quality; change traditional Aromatherapy essential oil by burning or heating the essential oil, does not destroy the original structure of the oil molecules.

2. Gorgeous background light. Colorful light gradient / fixed, strong light / weak light.Bring light in the darkness.

3. Air HumidifierA few drops of essential oil in water, the whole room is full of fresh and fragrantHot summer, winter dry sweep away, to bring you another fresh new feeling . The cool breeze, the curl of smoke, to create a mysterious fairyland atmosphere for you .

4. Ultra quiet design, suitable for use in the bedroom.

5. There are 3 different timing, 1 hours,3 hours and 6 hours.

6. Safe and environmental protection. The use of professional anti overflow, leakage of the structure design, the use of the machine more safe. Automatic closing aromatherapy machine, when the Water shortage, fan and circuit boards all stop working, so that your machine is more energy saving, safety, energy saving and environmental protection.



SOMNR-W007 300ml wood grain aroma diffuser

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Name: SOMNR-RW007 Wood grain aroma diffuser
    Item no: SOMNR-RW007
    Material: PP+ABS+PC
    Water Capacity: 300ml
    Product size: 168.5146.5mm
    Color box size: 170170160mm
    Carton: 12PCS/CTN
    Carton size: 525355330mm
    Accessories: adaptor + user manual+ measuring cup
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