We called this waterless aroma nebulizer - "TREE NEBULIZER". It was designed by our CEO Andy.The glass shape of this nebulizer looks like a tree.Combined with the characteristics of the diffuser itself,we try to make the product more nature.Natural materials:glass and real wood.

    Another characteristic of the TREE DIFFUSER is the low noise.As there is a little air pump in the machine, the diffuser will make noise.But, our low noise diffuser makes itself stand out of the normal products. The noise level is under 39DB. You can hardly heard the noise sound when you used in your bedroom. 

    How to use?

    Add 10-20 drops of  essential oil to the glass container,then turn on the bottom.It is easy to use.The TREE NEBULIZER will turn the essential oil from liquid state to gaseous state.The smell of the essential will spread all around your room.Then, just enjoy your natural aromatherapy.

   MOQ of OEM: 2000pcs. Production cycle is 45 working days. Any requirements, welcome to contact us. 

    Five star sales manager: Anna Zhong  Email: anna@lfpygift.com

SOMNR TREE NEBULIZER-waterless aroma nebulizer with low noise

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