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UV Sterilizer Humidifier For Home

The Best UV Sterilizer Humidifier Froma China.

No matter what the humidifier appearance looks like, anti virus function is necessary. The water capacity of the humidifier is very large, sometimes it can not be used up at one time.

Water in the humidifier for a long time will produce bacteria and microorganisms.Even if you pour out the unused water and add water again, some of the bacteria and microbes will remain.Therefore, it is very important to increase the sterilization function.

Our sterilizing lamp beads use Stanley lamp beads from Japan to ensure effective sterilization.

1,It is convenient to add water and clean.

2,5-liter large capacity to ensure household consumption.

3,The product structure design adopts sterilization and then humidification.

Any information about sterilization humidifier is welcome to contact us.

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