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The SOMNR Travel Aroma Diffuser

The travel aroma diffuser is useable as a portable diffuser, air refresher, or humidifier. Enjoy your essential oil anywhere with lovely fragrance while maintaining a fresh and odor-free environment. To power on the travel aroma diffuser, simply press the power-on button. Once powered on, the mist starts immediately and the diffuser can run continuously for up to 6hours.

Once the water runs out, the travel portable diffuser will be automatically shut-off. It perfect for Humidification, Aromatherapy, and Air purification.

You can use the travel aroma diffuser at Home, in the Office, in your Study, during Yoga sessions, and in Spa rooms.

The travel aroma diffuser is super easy to use as it is portable and very convenient to carry around. It also provides a soft ambient light incorporated with a single and changing lightning system with a delicate glow.

This is why you must always include this aroma diffuser in your traveling luggage as it suits several purposes.

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