Best Aroma Diffuser to buy in 2021 — with Bluetooth speaker

Are you looking to buy the Best Aroma Diffuser (2021)? Look no further because SOMNR is here. We have manufactured state of the art and a top-notch quality product SOMNR BT02 with Bluetooth speaker and timer.


SOMNR is located in China, We are an Aroma Diffuser manufacturer/supplier company doing business in the B2B (Business to Business) category and do OEM along with ODM orders for the United States, Australia, Germany, and other European Countries. Our focus is on creative innovation and looking forward to building products that are leisure of life along with the solutions of the 21st century. Our organization has become an assortment of product construction, plan, creation, and deals.

Features of Best Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier

1.Material: Our product is manufactured by using high-end materials ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is an opaque thermoplastic which is an amorphous polymer), PP (Polypropylene made from combining of propylene monomers), PC (Polycarbonate having the ability of natural transparency and amorphous thermoplastic). It’s furniture friendly in-home/office and easily portable light high-end material.

2.Digital Timer: First of all, this appliance displays time along with the ability to set an alarm clock as a result effect in making you punctual. It has a timer of H1 to H10 which you can set manually available in three different soft pieces of music. So, now you can check the time, set an alarm schedule, and choose peaceful music along with your oil treatment.

3.Bluetooth: Whats’s more amazing than enjoying your healthy time with peaceful music. Music is like memory lanes they take you way back to the good days. This product is attached with any Bluetooth enable device and gives you control of enjoying the music you like along with oil treatment. For convenience, the Tuya app is available for you.

4.A Direct Mix: An amazing feature of this humidifier is having the smart ability to blend essential oils and water directly without taking off the cover. If you want to reduce anxiety, put some drops of lavender oil along with carrier oil, add water altogether, turn it on and let the rest up to this nebulizer, and enjoy your time without any disturbance.

5.Led Color Changing: A beautiful feature of this product is led color changing. Although it’s available in different colors like black, gray, gold, red, baby pink, green, wood color, but also has a charming function to change led lights in it manually and can also set that colors to high.

6.Water Capacity: There is no need of thinking when to change the water when you are already tired and enjoying your favorite oil blend because it has a water capacity of 500ML(Milliliters). Especially when you are going to take your good night's sleep all you have to do is fill it once and enjoy all night without any care.

7.Compatibility: Our High-end product is available in the size of 168*168*115 and has a frequency of 2.4Mhz (megahertz). With such size it is easily portable, you can keep it at the home, office or even in the car and with such size this appliance can cover about almost 15 square meters.


1.Oil Treatment: Diffusers use some essential oils which are mainstream in fragrant healing, elective medication, as added substances in cleaning items and individual consideration items, just as home deodorizers.