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Who we are?

    SOMNR started the aroma diffuser business from 2015. In the year of 2017 we moved to ShenZhen from Guangzhou with the purpose to serve clients better. As a leading aroma diffuser manufacturer we believe that the market competition aggravating more and more displays in enterprise's supply chain competition.

   Without it, they are in danger of being trapped with low-growth brands and being rated poorly by clients.

What we focus on?



    At the begining of the business,we focus on how many clients we served. As time pasted by, we turn to focus the quality and price, so we moved to shenzhen city. Here we found everyone most supplier have the similar opinion about the their own business: if you can not offer reasonable price and high quality, you will not keep long cooperation with customers.

   By now, we pay more attention to quality ,supply chain, opinion from clients. We believe high quality is the only way to keep long cooperation, high quality depends on the better supply chain. So without these two element, we can not serve clients well. 

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