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 Wholesale Diffusers for Essential Oils

     Shenzhen Youwen Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, the world's electronic product capital, which focuses on innovative technology and full of vitality.

  In Shenzhen, this hot land of technological innovation, our company has become a collection of product development, design, production and sales. As a trustworthy essential oil diffuser manufacturer online, actual oil diffuser manufacturers in the USA, we wholesale diffusers for essential oils.

Wholesale Diffusers for Essential Oils


   We offer the best quality wholesale diffusers for essential oils. Order today our best Essential oil diffuser manufacturer online

    In the same industry, our ODM and OEM dual-mode full-service services are highly praised by customers, thanks to our company’s commitment to "provide customers with better products and better services" as our mission purpose.

After years of unremitting efforts, the company now has multiple injection molding machines and transfer production lines. In terms of plastic materials and subsequent processes, it has fully realized "the worry-free service that can produce finished products only with drawings." The company now has nearly 10 experienced marketing officers/business sales managers, who are dedicated to solving marketing problems for customers and will provide you with the required information in a timely.


1: Mold development

We have 5 mold designers and structural engineers with 8 years of experience. There are 12 workers in our model room. Not only design aroma diffuser and small household appliances for our customers, but also carry out the export business of mould. We are considered to be essential oil diffuser manufacturers in USA.

The effective team to ensure the success of mold at one time.

2: Mass production and on time delivery

Our company's monthly output of 700,000 pieces, 150,000 to 200,000 sets of finished products, and the excellent performance of the plastic material defect rate of less than 1% are all due to this.

Our company has high-quality circuit board production workshops and modern production equipment to ensure product quality and product stability, and efficient SMT equipment is the guarantee of production capacity and quality. The monthly production scale of circuit boards exceeds 1,000,000 pieces, and the defective rate of finished product tests has been stable for a long time below 0.4% . This is our pride and our guarantee to customers.

3: Full process customized development

The one-stop service with R&D strength and required equipment can not only ensure product appearance, structure design, mold development, but also greatly improve the stability of each process quality stage such as subsequent injection molding production and subsequent processes, and the delivery time is also can be accurately estimated.

No matter the shell material process or PCBA design, we are seamless docking with our customers.


Q1:Are you a trading company or a factory?

A1:We are a factory essential oil diffuser manufacturer online.We have a design, R & D and production team.We do high quality aroma diffuser wholesale online.

Q2:What is the MOQ of OEM and OEM?

A2:As a China Aroma Diffuser suppliers online, the MOQ of OEM is 3000pcs, the MOQ of ODM is 5000pcs.

Q3:How long is the shelf life of the product?

A3:one year.There are other longer time requirements just let us know, we can do it.