Essential oil diffusers wholesale - Factory Direct

Essential oil diffusers wholesale – Factory Direct

Time controllable.
Airflow governable.
Large areas of coverage.

Product Description

Essential oil diffusers wholesale from professional aroma diffuser manufacturer

Guangzhou Liang Feng Ping Yun Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specilized in Essential oil diffuser, aroma diffuser, nebulizing diffuser, ultrasonic humidifier. Our company deals in wholesale and suppling Amazon essential oil diffuser sellers. Our aroma diffusers are exported to Europe and the United States.

Product Description

Essential oil diffusers wholesale - Factory Direct

The Nebulizer unit atomizes the essential oils and diffuser the essential oils into the air. There is a air pump in it. The air pump sends the compressed air out to mist your room area. The air pump is as important as a engine to a vehicle. So it is important to ensure the pump is good enough. It is difficulty for the consumers to know the pump is low quality or not. To banish consumers' worries, this diffuser is guaranteed up to one year from purchase unless marked otherwise

It is whisper-quiet.  The diffuser has 3 buttons. One to contral the airflow of the mist("Lo", "Mi", "Hi"). The middle button to set the whisper-quiet unit’s timer for 30-, 60-, 90- or 120-minutes. The top button to set interruption and continued. The three switches are independently controlled. Adjusting modes is plentiful. 

This competitive essential oil diffuser has 4 obvious advantages.

1, Time is controllable: 5 modes(30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, 90 Minutes, 120 Minutes, intermission)

2, It comes with an airflow that enables you to control the intensity of the oils that are misted into the air hence spreading the essential oils evenly in your room. 3 models to control control the intensity of the oils. You can see the 3 marks("LO", "MI", "HI")

3, Large areas of coverage. It cover about 1000 sqft .

4, No need to refill all the time. You can add your favourite essential oils into the glass container once. As the diffuser is waterless, you just need to add oils. No need to add water. It is different with ultrasonic aroma diffusers.

Factory directly, we have our own production lines. For quality assurance we required strict production standards:

Essential oil diffusers wholesale - Factory Direct

 More about our essential oil diffusers wholesale :

The private label: You can have your own label on the product. MOQ of private label is 500pcs. Two place is suitable for your own brand.

Discover the competitive essential oil diffusers wholesale. 4 obvious advantages of this nebulizing diffuser makes your products more prominently.

Most of our consumers chose the place of "Brand 1"


Color box: You can have your own design. The Existing box is:

competitive essential oil diffusers wholesale

Production period: 800-1350pcs per day is our factory capacity. This oil diffuser has more complex internal structure, it needs more time to kit.

Transport: airplane, shipping. DHL, UPS, FEDEX, or choose your own transportation company(need more detail to confirm)

Payment: TT, Paypal(Small order only), Trade Assurance, LC(Not recommend)

Regional sales: Send email to us.

More requirement about essential oil diffusers welcome to contact us.


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