Aroma nebulizer - waterless essential oil diffuser

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      Aroma nebulizer waterless essential oil diffuser wholesale
      aroma nebulizer
      This nebulizer is made by handmade real wood and hand-blowing glss. You just need to add essential oils, no water.
      1.Expansion of instrument is a special kind of air pump, specially designed so that send out essential oil molecules into the air, this is the most effective and do not harm or change the way that the essential oil molecules. Expansion instrument group is divided into four parts, expansion instrument, glass bottle, glass bottle caps, the power cord. By the expansion of incense instrument atomization of the essential oil of the sweet atmosphere, sustainability is relatively long and spread more widely. With essential oils: enlarge a cigarette can double play essential oil can real amount, so cannot join the source of the essential oil.

      2. The principle of this aroma nebulizer: use two natural law of the oil atomization.

      3. Safety: without heating, no burning and explosion danger.

      4. Usage: essential oil consumption province, without any other consumables.

      5. Durable aspect: stop after atomization, aroma is sustainable for several hours.

      6. The human body function: can release of high concentration of anion blood acid-base balance quality.

      7. Essential oils rich active ingredients fully retain essential oils, and quickly from the formation of high concentration of anion.

      8. Environmental protection: no heat no oxygen, completely natural green pollution-free, Europe, and the United States unanimously recognized.

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